The Great Make was set up to inspire a passion for “making” in young people. The sessions and workshops are aimed at developing the interest and skills in craft to encourage the next generation of designer makers.

Making things provides us with the opportunity to both express our ideas and get some respite from our busy lives, enabling a happier more balanced life. We aim to provide this experience and culture to children and young people so that as they grow they will have an understanding of how to express and look after themselves in a positive way.

Claire has nearly 20 years experience in devising and delivering creative educational opportunities for both statutory and charitable organisations and is herself a professional artist. 

The Great make sessions were created by Claire to provide an opportunity for young people to have fun whilst developing their own ideas and skills. We employ a self devised methodology of developing and teaching creative process to young people and children. It is largely focused around the belief that all children and young people are inherently creative and therefore to develop their creative potential it is essential that they understand their own creative process. Through learning the principles of design and accessing a wide range of materials and skills, young people are more able to engage with art and craft to make beautiful things and present their ideas more effectively. 

If you would like to know more information about The Great Make sessions please visit the website The Great Make