Traces - London exhibition at Fenton House

Quaker reversible doll, chains

This December I took part in the Traces-London exhibition at Fenton House in Hampstead. It was an extraordinary experience; delightful ,original and creative.

Traces-London create immersive, multi sensory art exhibitions that enable craftspeople and artists to showcase their work in an interesting and creative environment. The briefs allow the artist/craftsperson to reinterpret history bringing both contemporary and traditional influences together to create unique and evocative work. As a visitor you will find yourself immersed in a rich and sensory experience that brings both art and history to life. 

I loved being a part of this exhibition, it was really well organised which was unexpected and much appreciated. The Traces-London team were great, very communicative and supportive of the artist, they marketed the art work really well through a range of social media and press and I felt that they did their upmost to enable my work to be seen and sold. I adored the concept and curation of the exhibition and was delighted to be a part of something slightly different and refreshingly creative and original. I certainly hope to be involved in their work in the future. I would urge anyone to visit their exhibitions, I think they only happen once a year but they are certainly worth the wait. for more information about their work and exhibitions visit;